Our Mission


Our Mission

"To enhance educational outcomes and improve the quality of life for individuals with special needs." ccomplismission the Ontario Council for Exceptional Children shall:
  • provide a variety of services for individuals with special needs and those who work with them.
  • advocate for appropriate government policies.
  • establish standards for professionals and paraprofessionals.
  • encourage diversity in membership.
  • establish and maintain partnerships.
  • provide professional development programs for all members and partners.


“Quality Education – Every Child’s Right”


  • Ontario CEC will be its members’ resource for the professional development, support and knowledge exchange that optimizes special education and teaching and learning.
  • Ontario CEC will be an influential advocate and voice for quality education for children and youth with special needs.
  • Ontario CEC will be a recognized source of quality research and evidence-based practice to assist all professionals in providing effective special education supports and services.
  • Ontario CEC will ensure ongoing organizational and financial stability.

Statement of Beliefs - as Members of CEC, we Belive:

  • That all exceptional children and youth have the fundamental rights of equal opportunity and equal protection under the law.
  • That all exceptional children and youth have the right to an education that provides appropriate opportunities for growth.
  • That the unique abilities and creative talents of exceptional children and youth should be recognized and nurtured.
  • That service to exceptional children and youth is the bond that holds us together as a professional organization.